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I · think, · therefore.....

Coffeeholics anonymous eat your heart out!

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Right before I leave,
I've been pondering this one for a week, and i'm still a bit muddled on it..

I've been thinking about well-being (how well a person's life is going for that person.. its a prudential value), and the desire fulfillment account of well-being (essentially, that the wellbeing in someone's life is measured by the amount of desires they have fulfilled.. in other words: someone's life is made better off to the extent that their desires are fulfilled)..

But, is it a plausible account?

On the one hand- it makes sense that measuring the goodness in someone's life by the amount of things that go their way (their desires) is quite reasonable..
But what are the problems with it? I've come accross a few counter arguments, but nothing that's really tugging me in either direction, and i hate sitting on the fence.

So... is the desire-fulfillment view of well being plausible?

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In 12 Hours i will be sitting in a Flying Kangaroo ready to head to Coolangatta... noooooo....


I know i sound like a spoilt rich kid saying this, but the sun... it burns! 12 days of hell... Alla was like, 'Sooooo many of my friends are going up, so i'm going to be so busy.... while you be a nerd in your room', since when was being nerdish uncool??? I can't think of anyone who would be up there, not that i really took the trouble to find out!

So, i packed my suitcase... which is full of school books, and my day pack, which consists of english texts and a few articles of cloathing (thus confirming my nerdieness... or maybe just IBishness)

And, today of all days, my iPod decided to chuck a hissy fit, so it's off being replaces, so i now have to use my old mp3 player, which holds 20 songs... extremly big difference betweent the two... but hey, Musics Music!

Saw Kath again today... 3 days in a row, this must be a record! Mum, her and I went for coffee at Caramel. In which they discussed her various injuries (the latest being her shin) and sponsorship deals. Then, alas, their attention focused on Me. 'So what are we going to do about that sad face?' hmmmm..... Then, they started to harp on about my diet.... I am now 'suppost' to have 6 tiny consistent meals a day... pft, like that will make any difference what so ever... it's more comfortable to just not eat. Today i attemped to increase my intake... and spent all day feeling like a Blob... yuck yuck yuck.... hmmm... what to do, what to do.... Live off of Sustagen and Coffee! Wouldn't it be great if they made a coffeee flavoured sustagen.... or maybe i'll just drink a coffee flavoured protein drink!

Speaking of my favourite subject, coffee, I went into Gloria Jeans to tell Tania about my proposed European trip. Mums booked the flight, but hasn't payed for it, via Singapore, Dubai and Rome... FX's funeral costs just came in, so money is an extremly touchy subject in my house at the moment! 

Do you know what Dr. Peterson... I really could not care Less about Hitler anymore... let alone waste my precious time writing an essay on his economic and social policies... I mean move on... Its all about the Chinese these days! Grrr....

Smaedence came over today, and i helped her with her Youth Parliment Bill on mental Health. I'm thinking about applying like Alpana for a Visa to live in Smaeland... The Equalist Country. But Smae won't let Alp take her 'cookies' in, saying we can have fun without drugs... Is Caffeine included in that?

Well... This is me signing out for 12 days... Wish me luck!!!


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They might be Giants- Boss of Me
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I've decided That Smae is going to Run the world one day!

I mean seriously... She is the most in-control/involved/idealistic 17 year old i have ever met!  The only problem... She never has time to breath or relax... or hang out with me...  but at least she's a border!

So anyway.. omg.. the maury provich topic for the day is : Outrageous sex secrets exposed... Am I our baby's father? How Pathetic... And the worst part is that Alla is interested! Morning TV is crap! Except Murder she wrote... Jessica Fletcher (aka. Angela Lansbury) is so kool for a geriatric!

I just scored $60 of Achille... for no reason at all!!! Sweet! And andrew and I are planning my upcoming European trip... Spain, Italy and hopefully England... And I'll perfect my spanish... Stay with a host family and meet Hot hot spanish boys... hehehe I'm excited!!!




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Well... That was... Interesting! It was so funny, my cuz Will just got back from Cadet camp, so of course he rocked up in his army uniform...

So... While I was sitting at the dinner table watching them mindlessly eating fish and chips, i started thinking, as I am in the habbit of doing often, about Life.

 What makes a person 'good'? Am I a good person? I'm not a terrorist, arsinist, rapist or vandleinst,  I don't take illigal drugs, I'm not abusive, i don't break the law, i don't sneak out, i try to help people as much as possible, I'm good to my friends, I try my hardest not to burden others with my problems, , I have my morals, integrety and my values. But, does that make me a a good person?

Do my faults conterbalance the positive atributes, or override them? Sure, like most people i have done some things that i am not proud of , I have made mistakes, but, does my lake of self-respect and self-worth makie me a bad person?  Is goodness determined by the way you treat yourself,  or others? Would i be a better person if i joined protest groups fought for a cause, or would my time be better spent bettering myself?

Looking around at my family, it's hard to decide which is better. At the moment my world revolves around me trying to make it revolve around others. I go out of my way to help others, to over compensate for the fact that i'm usually not helping myself,  so what type of person does that make me???

Everyone should come Join my new Community:


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Another quality Mitchell-Quinn Family gathering tonight... Not that we didn't see enought of each other at FX's funeral... noooo... we have to bond evan more!!! So I'll be seeing 3 Uncles, 2 Aunts, 5 cousins and Achille. Woohoo! (note: sarcasm)

Uncle Andrew and His b/f Achille are still partying here... Achille keeps scaring me by talking really fast spanish to me...  i can understand maybe 2/20 words....

Its so funny, My dog KC is now on a diet, she weighs what... 14kg, and shes a cavalier, barely 30cm tall... i wonder if Jenny Craige sees dogs? maybe i'll start her on the fat blaster diet or somthing...

And... after being kicked out of my den for hermatising to much, i was just informed that we are infact heading up to queensland, namely surfers, for 10 days on friday; Me + Sun = Death! So i really cannot say i am overly thrilled about it. More excruciating family bonding time. I think I shall be bringing my friends Ivan, Levin, Freud, Skinner,  Chekov, Hitler and all the the members of the Qing dynasty along for the ride. I plan to hit all the coffee shops and do a hell of a lot of homework... and avoid my family as much as humanly possible. Oh, and go on that sling shot thingy... so cool!

What homework do I actually Have These Holdiays?

Maths: hmmm....

English: actually read Anna K, Remember Babalon, Chery Orchads and A day in the life of. Figure out what the hell i am ment to be writing my world lit on.

Psychology: Finnish Behaviourist Conditioning questions, Produce a Sumary of Behaviourist theorists, Create notes for exam revision...

Biology: Write 2 essays on who knows what... study reproduction, and revise on the things i was supponst to have learnt last term

History: Do that Nazi Essay, finnish those China Questions

Spanish: Does he ever actually give us homework? I'm sure i can find somthing to do...

In other news, Livie asked for new shoulders today. It was so sad, she has hit hers so much theat the are now blue and red, blue bruising and red scaring. Mum forgot to give her her meds so she has been overly anxious recently....

I've been in bed the majority of the last few days, practising at forfiilling my life long goal of being a hermit, and recovering from the every day stresses of being me. Kath came over last night at 6 to kick my ass into gear... grrr.... But it was what i needed, and give me the usual 'pep' talk about moving forward, positivity, etc. In some ways Kaths awsome to me, she really gets me, yet in others it feels like she's playing mind games with me. I can't believe she'll be in the Commonwealth games in March, its so cool... I applied for some random course at Box Hill TAFE (tafe... hahahahaha) to work at the commonwealth games in catering, so we shall see what happens.

Dr Jeremy, my Gastroenterologist called to say my lastest CT angeogram came up clear... so we're not quite sure what to do next... I'm seeing another Vascular surgon at Cabrini after the holidays, but in the mean time, I should attempt to eat small meals... like hell thats really going to happen...


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